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Extracurricular Art Classes – A New Take on After School Programming

When we think of extracurricular activities, sports like basketball, baseball, and football usually come to mind. These sports can be excellent outlets for many children, however not all kids are interested in sports. Kids art lessons aren’t usually considered a part of the after school programming in most schools, or in most families for that matter, but that’s all starting to change. In response to budget cuts in many school districts that hit the creative programming first, children’s art education are being offered in different locations outside of school, benefiting families greatly.After School Programming Not Offered By The SchoolWhen many parents were in school, all the basics, including classes like art and music, were provided within the daily schedule or as an extracurricular activity within the school system. For many kids today, this isn’t the case. In response to this reality, many communities have created after school offerings that include kids art lessons to make up this deficit.Kids are no longer restricted to the extracurricular activities offered by their school. Now, classes like children’s art education are offered by organizations external to the school district who have seen a need in their community that is important to fill.One of the major benefits of school sponsored extracurricular activities is that transportation isn’t an issue. To meet the needs of children and families attending their classes, many of these new programs and organizations locate their facilities as close to schools and bus routes as possible so children can easily and safely make it to their classes, even though their parents may have to work until 5PM or later. Many organizations also work to try to make classes like kids art lessons affordable so that price doesn’t get in the way of opportunity.Creativity Is An Essential Skill For All ChildrenBecause not everyone excels at the same thing, it is important to expose children to a myriad of possibilities when they are young. When schools are forced to cut programs and “teach to the test,” many creative programs are the first to go. However, creativity is an essential skill that all children should have the opportunity to acquire through activities like kids art lessons.It isn’t always easy to see all of the benefits that opportunities for creative expression can provide children, especially as adults. Creativity is an important aspect of good problem solving skills. Along with other important core learning skills, kids art programs promote attention to detail, increase self-esteem, and are important for building good working and social relationships.With the majority of classes in school these days not having the time or availability to employ much creativity in their day to day studies, it is now necessary to look outside the school system to find opportunities for children to experience the creativity in thinking, expression, and fun that kids art lessons provide. After school kids art programs can provide children with a solid foundation in creativity that will take them well beyond drawing or painting and onto a successful path as an adult.